MACHINE: "Science + Love = Robots"

"Science + Love = Robots"
dan pinto
Acrylic on Canvas
5 2" x 2"

I tried to get really creative with the "machine" theme. I had several ideas that revolved around different themes. In the end however, I just kept coming back to "robots" as a sort of pinnacle examples of machines. After a failed start at a much more serious piece, I found these small canvases on sale at my art store. I like paintings that are stretched over a few frames and originally started work on a vertical piece. That got scrapped in favor of this idea. I'm a fan of science and I think robotics is a uniquely interesting field. It combines an intense mathematical worldview with a very humane one, as robotics, it seems, are mostly used to help humans accomplish otherwise difficult or impossible tasks. Thus the equation: Science + Love = Robots.

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