LOST: "lost & found"

"lost & found"
Dan Pinto
Acrylic, India Ink & Spray Fixative on Wood

I fought with a lot of different ideas for this months theme before settling on the above. I found that my other plans for this painting didn't work as well as I had hoped.

As a child, we had a dog that, at any opportunity, would attempt to escape our backyard into the streets. It was frustrating. Not only because of the hassle of finding her but, more so because it could be quite dangerous for her, running around the streets of Queens. When she was found, however, the sense of relief was overwhelming. Juxtaposing the feeling of fear and relief (lost and found) is what I tried to convey in this painting. We never lived in or near the woods but, I felt that it worked better in the context of the theme. Also, depicting the world as a dark grey on black means a good portion of the painting is, itself, lost. You have to search the painting to really see the environment surrounding the characters.

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