LOST: "And the winner is...:

"And the Winner Is..."
Newspaper, Matte Medium, Acrylic
12" x 18"

Sooooo maybe I've been reading too many detective thrillers.
And have been watching "The Wire"...
I strangely enjoyed mimicking the color and texture of blood and matter and applying
it to the pasted newsprint.My original intention was to include a chalk outlined body
below the splatter. Fortunately, upon removal of the tape ! used to mask the head area,
I found the paint 'bled' in such a way that created eyes and stained lips. Cool.
Do not be alarmed by this painting. I do like puppies and double-rainbows.
But just remember... We all play the game.


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  1. I love this, Kelly. I like how uncontained the paint splatter is the movement expressed by the positioning of the newprint. Nicely done!