HORSE: "Steed"

Acrylic & Pencil on Wood Panel
Three 4" x 4" Panels

I don't like drawing horses. So, this was an exercise in re-imagining the theme. I played with a few ideas before coming up to what I consider the modern idea of a steed: a bike. My bike is an old silver spray painted, dirty Schwinn from the 80's. It looks like it's been through a lot. I tried to reinforce the antique feeling of both the bike and the horse as transport vehicle. To attempt to accomplish this, I decided to leave the bike as untreated wood only painting the negative space around the object. I had to use fixative to prevent the pencil from smudging and had the accidental effect of adding a sheen to the wood, like a finish, making look almost golden. I like that effect as it seems to give more worth to this beat up object.

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